Regulation 16 Consultation : 27 January to 11 March 2022 Stratford on Avon District Council (SDC) have started consultation on the Neighbourhood Development Plan formally submitted by Quinton Parish Council. This is the final stage of consultation prior to external examination and a referendum.

Questions and Answers

What will the plan be and what will it do?

The Plan will state what types of development if any would be supported by us the residents and by the business and land owners in Quinton. It will also include our views on the preservation of key heritage features and improvements to village facilities. The Plan, once approved, has to be taken into account by Stratford District Council when they review planning applications in Quinton.

Can we use the Plan to stop any more housing being built?

No. The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan is not simply to block developments but rather to increase the influence of residents in the planning approval process. Stratford Council already have a District Plan for housing numbers covering the period 2011-2031. Stratford District have confirmed that including the developments already approved, there is no short term need under their District Plan for Quinton to have extra housing schemes. However they are looking to identify ‘reserve sites’ in each parish in case this position changes.

How can Quinton residents get their views into the Plan?

In different ways : there will be meetings in the Village Hall, a questionnaire, input via the internet and interviews with business and land owners. Watch out for more on this shortly.

Who decides what goes into the Plan?

Stratford Council will require that the Quinton Plan has been developed using the views expressed by the residents and they will use an independent assessor to help with this. We as residents will then be asked to approve the Plan by means of a parish referendum. So Quinton residents will have the final say.

During 2018, the Plan will be developed by the Quinton Parish Council using a Steering Group of volunteers from across the parish. These volunteers can help with questions you may have. Click here to meet the team.

Updates on the Plan are provided at each Parish Council meeting so please come along if you want to hear more.

Our Plan will only be as good as the input we get from you so please participate as and when you can. Thank you.